Stuffing Box Leak Detector

This stuffing box leak detector is of simple construction with corrosion resistant parts. The split adapter allows easy installation on the wellhead, yet it is strong enough to take the weight of the rod string.  The standard adapter will fit most stuffing boxes in use in the United States, and custom adapters can be special ordered to fit other stuffing box designs. The adapter is compact to minimize clearance or misalignment problems. The primary objective of the leak detector is the prevention of pollution resulting from leakage of fluids past the sealing members of stuffing boxes on rod pumped wells. The adapter provides a minor increase in the amount of lubricating oil for the seals, or it can be equipped with a crown ring to control the grease on those wellheads where grease is used for lubrication. The clear plastic reservoir removes easily for emptying, cleaning, or testing of the electrical circuitry. The reservoir is economical to replace if damaged.  

 Benefits of Usage:

  • Prevents spills due to stuffing box leakage
  • Stops ground pollution for a clean location
  • Clear plastic reservoir for effortless inspection
  • Reservoir removes easily for cleaning 
  • Promotes preventive maintenance 
  • Corrosion Resistant Components
Series #5200: Split Housing Design
    -Explosion Proof - Class I Div. I 

  •  Split Housing Adapter for Easy Installation
                -  No Rig Required to Strip-on 
  • Gas or Electric Applications
  • Fits Polish Rod/Liner Sizes 1" - 1 3/4" 
  • Compact Adapter for Minimum Clearance or Misalignment Problems 
  • Uses Two Cones available at any Oilfield Supply Store   
  • Easy to change out secondary Packing
  • All hardware and tools to install to stuffing box included

Series #6000: HDPlug Leak Detector
    -Explosion Proof - Class I Div. I

  • Rigid Setup with Built-In Leak Detector
  • Gas or Electric Applications
  • Rated for 1500 PSI
  • Fits Polish Rod/Liner Sizes 1" - 1 3/4"
  • Uses 3" of Chervon Packing 
  • Fits any "Classic" style stuffing box 
  • Single ACME Threaded cap 
        - Evenly Compressing Packing
        - Protection of Packing if Stacking Out Rod String 
 Series #7000: Ratigan Stuffing Box Leak Detector 
  • Compact Adapter for Minimum Clearance or Misalignment Problems
  • Uses Single Heel Cone available at any Oilfield Supply Store
  • Easy to change out secondary Packing
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​Reservoirs - 48 oz.

  • Plastic Gives pumpers the ability to see inside. Economical.
  • Stainless Steel Longevity & Durability
Float Operated Leak Detector: 
  • Opened and closed circuit
  • Built-in resister for high ignition systems
  • Switch 316 Stainless Steel
  • Anodized 6061 Aluminum Housing
  • Hermetically sealed contacts
  • Switch material are lead free and RoHS complaint
  • Solid tungsten bar and plate
  • 3 amp @28 VDC and 100 watts @110 VAC
  • Made in the USA 
Series #9100 Weight activated Leak Detector: 

  • Works with APT Split Housing, HD Plug, ORG, or Ratigan 
  • Two electrical switches available
  •     Standard
  •     Explosion Proof
  • 1 Gallon stainless steel reservoir 
  • Weight adjustable 
  • Powder coated housings
  • Stainless steel components 
  • Made in the USA